Are you thinking why I list my business, service and events to Merosewa? and what benefits will I get? Please, read below to know about more about benefits of

Photos, Information, Map and Review
Unlike conventional yellow pages or business directories, now you can list your businesses and services along with your business photos, information, location map, contact details and your customer review about your business.

Anytime, Anywhere
Now your business information is easily accessible from mobile, tablet or computer internet from anywhere in the world anytime.

No Alteration Charges
Change your business location? Change your phone number or any other information? Change anything in your business? We don’t charge you for any alteration you make to your business in our directory throughout the year.

Search Engine Friendly and Social Network Linking
Merosewa is built in such a way that it can’t be missed by any search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. Also all the businesses in it will be linked to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. which helps to maintain your online presence at all hours.

Fast Service
Your business will be listed within 48 hours of your final payment and will stay in the directory for a year and this service is renewable after a year.

Customer Service
You can list your business/service anytime you are comfortable because we provide services all around the clock, 365 days in a year.

Customer Satisfaction
While the question remains “Will MEROSEWA do good?” we guarantee your satisfaction by not leaving any method of advertisement of the directory untouched through both conventional and new age medias. Eg. Newspaper, magazines, other social network Medias etc.

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