Q: What is Merosewa?
A: Merosewa.com is Nepal’s first location based online web directory owned by Global Nexus Pvt. Ltd, more like conventional Yellow Pages, but with more facilities because at Merosewa you can list your complete business details such as: contact details, business details, pictures, location map and your customer’s review and view it from your mobile, computer or tablet with internet connection.

Q: What’s there in Merosewa?
A: We put your business name, services contact details, business overview, exact location map and your customer’s review in Merosewa.

Q: Who can get benefit from Merosewa?
A: Both the consumer and business owners can get benefit from Merosewa. Business owners/service providers can give details about their business and services while consumers can get details about business or services they need staying at home via mobile or computer.

Q: Should I pay to get the services of Merosewa?
A: Merosewa is 100% free for Consumers and you don’t need to pay to get the services but the business owners/service providers may pay to get listed. We have also free listing options for listing in Merosewa.

Q: How long can a business owner/service provider list in Merosewa?
A: To be listed in Merosewa a business owner/service provider must sign a contract with us for at least a year and there is also a privilege for the listers that allow them to list their businesses/services for five years at the most. And this service is non-transferable.

Q: After a business is listed, is there some charge if the contents need alteration?
A: No. No charges will be charged for the alteration of any information for a year.

Q: How will the consumers know about Merosewa?
A: Through the advertisement in different Medias such as Newspapers, Television, Posters, Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), Social Networking Medias, Badges, Stickers, T-shits etc.

Q: Can I also advertise in Merosewa?
A: Yes. For that you have to pay some charges to advertise.

Q: What should I do to be listed in Merosewa?
A: You can email us at info@merosewa.com  or  you can call us 977-1-4411131/9841906257 or click on Create Listing/Add a Business button to submit your business. Our representative will be at your doorstep.

Q: What should I do to edit my business listed in Merosewa?
A: You have to login to edit your business, services or events listed in Merosewa. You can login using your Facebook ID to login.

Q: What should I do to remove my business listing from Merosewa?
A: If your business, services and events are listed in Merosewa and you don’t need to list further more, Please email us at info@merosewa.com or merosewa.com@gmail.com to remove your listings from Merosewa.