Nepali people today are either less informed due to lack of research-oriented media instructions or are confronting with the ambiguity of the information being disseminated to them. In this context, ABC aims to cater to the need of news-thirsty people of Nepal by offering them 24 hours Nepali news that is relevant to today’s Nepal. Instilled with the core mantras of accuracy, balance and credibility of news, our professional and innovative team is all set to give a new taste to all viewers and establish ABC as a trend-setting channel in the Nepalese history of broadcast journalism. To achieve this goal, ABC covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to environment and entertainment to innovation, among others, Aside from this, ABC news aims at bringing the entire world closer to Nepali people and vice versa by informing and engaging them fully.

In conformity with the rights ensured by the constitution of the federal Republic of Nepal, ABC is devoted to safeguarding the peoples’ right to information as a fundamental right. To this end, our efforts are being translated via two electronic platforms: ABC television. The name ABC as such represents the accuracy, balance and credibility, the core values of journalism. ABC strives for accomplishing the new, yet incontestable effort through its immediate and lively programs that make a comprehensive blend of all news concerns. The regular transmission that started on 4th September, 2008 reaches out across the nation including seventy-two countries via satellite technology.

To disseminate factual and reliable information to the general masses for enriching Nepali society.
To create awareness at the grass root level.
To represent the voice of underprivileged groups.
To ascertain that the people make informed choice in nation building and make them proactive for civic discourse in all walks of life.

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Fax No.4445231
Opening daysSun-Fri


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