The history of private hospital in Nepal dates back to late 1980’s .After the people’s popular movement 1990 AD. There was mushrooming of private hospitals or nursing homes. Nearing to people popular movement 2062 BS (April,2006 AD) ,There was sprouting yet another hospital Called Alka Hospital in the heart of the lalitpur district .Question is : Is the hospital different from others ? Or why do people from valley need additional Hospital like this ?

To answer this question let us go a deeper down to its conception and the path it has taken till it took the shape of the hospital.

To Start with,Alka hospital had its footprints in the form of Alka Pharmacy that was established in 2052 BS (1995 AD) with the aim of supplying sufficient and proper quality medicine to the People within its vicinity . Within two year ,with god’s grace and endless effort of the staff, the management team thought to expand its services resulting the alka poly clinic (2057BS,2000AD) along with its pharmacy.Alka Polyclinic continued to serve People in the fields including doctor’s consultancy, diagnostic facilities like X-Ray,USG and ECHO etc.

Continuous dedication and day night effort gave grant success and this small setup changed to attain the present shape of Alka Hospital in 2062 BS Under the Nepal Government ‘s license with the great motto ‘WE CARE TO CARE’ for quality Health Care. The excellent rapid and affordable services provided by the hospital with its well equipped technology drags up to be more conscious and responsible. We are conscious and responsible. we are conscious about our existing services and putting on great effort to remain up to date with modern developments. The alka hospital started its services with 55 beds ,and in 2063 BS (2007AD) it was upgraded to 100 beds along with super specialty diagnostic and curative facilities in addition to the Pharmacy .Round the clock Emergency services, Maternity Services and fully loaded Ambulance services are available .General and specially operating theaters ,advanced laboratory set up are additional advantage.

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