Alternative Furniture Industry has become a full grown mature enterprise after it’s birth in 1982. Mr. Tashi Wangyal Lama the Managing Director with the continued support of his wife Mrs. Phuljhung Wangyal Lama has created a respected name in the world of furniture business today in Nepal. We are located at Bansbari, next to the Gangalal Heart Hospital in Kathmandu.

Mr. T. W. Lama was trained in the United States in furniture manufacturing from 1976 to 1981. Being a carpenter who not only loves wood but also has innovative ideas, and creates his own designs that have sold well in both the national and international markets. He is a technician with a love for machines.

We are now manufacturing and exporting furniture of high quality. We have also participated in various international furniture trade shows held in China, Thailand, Denmark, Germany, Australia and the U.S.A.

Wood is meticulously selected, kiln dried (seasoned) and rigourously tested before being given the desired shape and size.

The furniture displayed in our showroom spread on two floors at Bansbari does not stay there long. Neither those are the only items we make. You name it, we make it ! We have intelligent chairs that every household should have. We have coffee tables that swivel and minimize to hold your cordless and a shoehorn. It’s your choice between our relaxing chair and full-length steamer recliners with footrest. Our intelligent 2/3 – seater benches turn with a twist to a 4/6 – seater garden table. They are solid to withstand wind, shine or rain.

Dinning tables and chairs come in all shapes and sizes to fit 10 guests or just 6 on the same table that reduce in size with a twist. We make exclusive chairs, red imperial with or without arm. We make the best beds from King size to Queen size including the imperial English design with bedposts. Our super luxury and exclusive sofas come in all size/shape/combination to suit your budget and taste.

Finishing of all our Furniture is done with a wide variety of world – class colors.

Please come to our showroom to see furniture for all purposes under one roof at competitive prices or send us your inquires. We will answer immediately with pleasure.

We guarantee that our products will last a lifetime and eventually become on heirloom.

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