Ama Ghar was founded by Shrawan Nepali, who spent part of his childhood at the Paropokar orphanage in Kathmandu. He was fortunate to have the support of his godmother, Ama Tika Basnett, who encouraged and helped him during the darkest times of his life. Assisted by Peace Corps volunteers, Shrawan was educated in the U.S. but he never forgot those less fortunate that he left behind in Nepal. With co-founders Ama Tika Basnett and Shekhar Silwal, he formalized his vision and opened Ama Ghar in 2001; the first 14 children arrived at Ama Ghar during that year. Now, 12 years later, Ama Ghar has grown to a family of 50 children and 8 staff members. Four of our children have graduated and started a new life on their own. Help us continue this great story, Donate now.

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