Arniko Boarding School, Bhotebahal is proud to introduce Aniko school website. Arniko family is confident that this site will provide useful information and answer many of your questions about our school.

Arniko Boarding School Bhotebahal, a full fledged English medium co-educational school was established in 2032 B.S. with a mission to impart quality education. We remain at rendering service through out our dutiful years in educational demesne.

Arniko firmly believes that not all students are alike and we thus handle each student accordingly and firmly which may lead to the overall development of the students. There is no doubt that our system is peerless with high quality.

The trust and liberal support of parents and guardians on us have always inspired us to envisage the future. It is what makes a relation perpetual. It is a feeling we bestow to our valued well wishers who have given their children to us as an opportunity of proving ourselves proficient in this field. We have been acting according to the way forward rather than sticking to traditional methods in education sector as these methods have already lost their effectiveness and quintessence.

By taking some upheavals in our system we can try our hands with an innovative approach, doing things differently for a well trench culture of mutiny in education. To accomplish our mission towards building a path for a newer Nepal of tomorrow, we must urge thinking and acting differently. For our mission we have launched this Website. We hope it will provide you with the adequate information about all of our activities and our family. We duly express our humble gratitude for your generosity and cooperation.

Best wishes.

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