Art Craft Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is established under the Company Act 2063 of the government of Nepal with the objective of international trading of quality handicrafts.

Art Craft Nepal is the Nepalese premier one stop online shopping center which supplies wholesale wide range of export quality products, mostly of which are handmade in Nepal as well as in other countries. We offer a wide range of traditional and modern arts. Our crafts range from stone, wood or metal crafts; there are textiles, paintings, jewelry, village made crafts and exclusive handmade traditional works. We want to give our customers complete availability of Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts. We pride ourselves in presenting the finest work and best service to our international clients.

We will work to offer the most competitive wholesale prices in Nepal, where we have an in-depth knowledge of the national market. Based in Kathmandu, we are ideally located for negotiating low prices for the highest quality goods.

Art Craft Nepal uses Win Win concepts of doing business and applies the highest business standards and ethics.

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