Arunima Educational Foundation (AEF) emerged as Arunima Primary School in the year 2042 B.S. (1986 A.D.) under the initiation of a noble team of visionary academicians and social activist with the insight to disseminate value-oriented and life-based quality education founded on humanitarian philosophical poerspectives.

Regarding the options offered by the seventh amendment of the Education Act 2028, the foundation is transformed into an educational trust in the year 2059 B.S.

AEF has been now; an umbrella organization of Arunima College, Arunima Higher Sec. School, Nava Arunima Secondary School and Arunima Shisu Sadan. The overall management of the foundation is supported by a group of 26 trustees. The Foundation highly values the participation of teachers, parents, students and local communities in school programs and activities.

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