AWO International e.V. (Workers’ Welfare International) is a German Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It was founded in 1998 as a professional association for humanitarian aid and development cooperation within the framework of the German welfare organisation ‘Arbeiterwohlfahrt’ (literally: Workers’ Welfare) in order to professionalise AWO’s decade-long engagement in development cooperation and its commitment to humanitarian aid.

AWO International aims to create and strengthen awareness about the need for international collaboration and advocates development work in the area of welfare provision to working people.

AWO International is committed to work towards the betterment of socially and economically marginalised sections of society such as women, children, youth, the rural population, ethnic minorities and indigenous people, refugees and displaced people. It aims at providing access to adequate income and social security for these sections and at enabling them to initiate development processes on their own and to take ownership of their development capacities. It therefore supports collaborative development projects which are engaged in improving the livelihood and promoting the empowerment of these sections. In addition, AWO International extends aid to those affected by humanitarian crises.

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