At Chitwan Jungle Lodge, you will discover a lost world of towering trees and twisting vines, of prehistoric rhinos and lumbering elephants, of crocodiles, pythons and deer, of brilliantly coloured birds and if you are fortunate – the superb Royal Bengal Tiger.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge is located deep in the subtropical forests of the south of Nepal, seven km within the Chitwan National Park. We have been successfully running the lodge in one of the remotest parts of the Chitwan National Park for the last 25 years. Our seclusion and insulated setting makes Chitwan Jungle Lodge the perfect place to get away from it all.

Connect with nature on one of our exciting jungle activities, and our highly knowledgeable and trained naturalists will be happy to help you learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the subtropical forests of Nepal. At night, you can join other travellers around the campfire with a jungle cocktail from the Mahoute’s Bar. If you have children, they can learn to develop an enthusiasm and appreciation for nature in a healthy and stimulating environment.

Located in a secluded spot in the forest, the lodge is built with local materials in a pleasing and rustic traditional style. Our comfortably appointed and warmly decorated rooms all come with attached bathroom. There are various lounging areas, such as the Reader’s Tower, where you can put your feet up and enjoy the relaxing and soothing sounds of nature while reading, birdspotting or just lazing about.

We believe in minimizing our effect on the delicate ecosystem of the wild jungle. For example, we use a natural clearing as our location, built around the hardwood sal trees rather than destroying them, and used native plants for landscaping that require very little tending to. Our hot water showers use solar heaters and we use minimal electrical lighting to conserve energy and keep from excessively disturbing the animals in the area.

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