Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal (CTBN) is established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 in Kathmandu, Nepal as a national level “A” class commercial bank. CTBN started the operation from 20th September 2010. CTBN is an outcome of a comprehensive vision of the promoters to participate in national development by providing business solutions to all customers through a team of professionals. The promoters of CTBN are Bankers, Professionals, Individual and businessmen who have sowed the dream of leading Nepal towards the economic development. They have varied exposures and presence in the Nepalese economy and abroad. They represent various business activities within and outside Nepal. Each promoter of CTBN has successfully demonstrated leadership skills, business acumen and entrepreneurial talents in his/her respective fields. The promoters’ comprehensive vision and government and regulating authorities’ overwhelming support gave birth to the concept for establishment of a private sector a Commercial Bank in Nepal “CTBN”.

CTBN came up with new banking outlook by providing modern banking services, efficient customer services and wide coverage of commercial banking activities within urban as well as rural areas all over the country.

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