Covenant Academy(CA) is secondary school established in 2002. Why parents like to enroll in CA is because of the following reasons:

· Students are taught with encouragement, correction, suggestions, inspirations and counseling.
· They are taught by foreign volunteers time and again especially martial arts, arts and crafts, music, computer, etc.
· Counseling by the Principal will not be given more than four times for the same student.
· Students’ progress is evaluated through their academic and co-academic performance.
· Their academic progress is evaluated through unit tests (3) and terminal exams (3).
· Unit tests carry 20% and terminal exams carry 80% of full marks.
· The total of first and second terminal exam will be calculated as 20% each.
· Home visit of the students is done to understand and interact with them and their family situation.

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Opening daysSun-Fri


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