DidiBahini (Elder Sister/Younger Sister) are two commonly used terms of relationships in Nepal which also means ‘sisters.’ A Nepali non-profit non-government organisation established with the goal of supporting empowerment of women and facilitating gender mainstreaming into the development process.

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals, DidiBahini is committed to achieving gender equality through a participatory learning approach. It works with men and women to achieve a positive change in behaviour and attitudes, thus considers itself as unique. It also practices a process-orientated approach to gender education. Its participatory research method attempts to bring change through informed choices of existing problems that Nepali men and women face.

Established in 1992, DidiBahini has been a crucial player in gender and development field at grassroots level, NGOs, INGOs and government agencies.

Partnership is crucial to DidiBahini and it ensures that potential partners share its vision of gender equality. DidiBahini background provides detailed information regarding its work on different aspects that affect women empowerment. Its publications: Issues in Literacy and Women’s Education in Nepal focused on women and girl’s education issues in the country.

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