Euro Kids, a brand owned by Eurokids International Ltd, is India’s No. 1 pre-school chain. Eurokids started its operation in 2001 with 2 preschools but now has more than 875 preschools in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Dubai & Singapore. Eurokids is the brand owned by Eurokids International Limited (EIPL). which was formerly known as Egnont Imagination (India) Limited. The company started its operations in 1997 with a joint venture partnership with the Indian Express Group and the Egmont Group from Denmark. In 2003 the company was coverted into a wholly owned subsidiary of Egmont International Holdings, Denmark.The company started its operations with the publishing business in India by bringing in some of the world’s best known and most popular brands like Disney, Barbie, Enid Blyton, Noddy and Tintin amoung others.

The company had abundant access to preschool learning content and wanted to use its expertise in bringing good quality content to children. This set off a process which paved the way for the setting up of orgainzed preschools. The gap between the prospective consumers and good quality preschool education is the one that Eurokids is trying to fill by providing good education at the preschool level

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