Everest College is ideally located at the heart of Kathmandu at Thapathali. It is a well established college not just in the literal sense, but also in its methods of teaching Management, and Business Administration. The college is governed by a consortium of management professionals, academicians, social workers and businessmen. It is affiliated both to the Higher Secondary Education Board and Tribhuvan University.

The College activities are backed by a strongly motivated team of professional academicians and practitioners in the areas of business administration, management and social science.

The college is well aware of the complexities of contemporary life and the challenges the country will undoubtedly have to face in this millennium. This backdrop only underscores the crucial role in academic institutions, particularly in the management stream; have to play in the preparation of the ‘next’ generation of managers, This concern was a major reason for the establishment of Everest College thirteen years ago.

The Faculty at the college is committed to assist in the development of knowledge, skill, and expertise that are essential in problem solving. This kind of pedagogic orientation obviously aims to produce graduates who can think on their own and take independent decisions. To this end, the methods of teaching employed are mainly interactive and, therefore, more practical than in traditional classrooms.

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