Everest Handicraft Industries Inc. (EHI) was founded in 1999 by Mrs. Ang Lami Sherpa in Kathmandu, Nepal with a unique mission to promote handicraft products of Nepal around the World. We are mainly concentrated in increasing income opportunities to the people from the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal where we source our raw materials.

Handicraft is one such business sector where ample employment opportunities opens to men and women from rural Nepal. Everest Handicraft is dedicated to assist them by exporting their products to developed countries. We bring these fine quality handcrafted items from the Himalayas to the international market. EHI selects every handicraft items directly from the artisans which guarantees that each item is a truly unique art form, made by the indigenous people of Nepal. We work closely with our artisans and or suppliers to develop new product ideas based on available skills and materials using inspirations from Nepalese and Sherpa traditional culture. Besides, we have our own production unit of fine quality Nepalese-Tibetan woven rugs. EHI is responsible to it’s manufacturers, importers, customers as well as towards the environment. It encourages manufacturers to produce handicraft items not harming the nature. We selects the products only from the producers meeting our strict sustainable guidelines.

We offer you mainly Nepalese-Tibetan hand knotted rugs in several materials, designs, knots quality, nettle handloom cloth, hemp handloom cloth, Dhaka weaving cloth, Himalayan Pashmina, jewellery, Nepali Lokta paper craft, which are indeed environment friendly products of Nepal. All the products comes with the touch of Nepalese people, their culture and religion and the surrounding environment of the proper artisan. However, custom designs are always possible and encouraged to implement on our products as we believe that designs are based on the imagination.

Everest Handicraft has been involved into some welfare activities to the concerned society, workers and their children’s education, however it does not have any other source. We have also been associated with Nepal Rug Mark Foundation, which works to eliminate child labor from the industry and rehabilitates the under privileged children.

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