Friends Adventure Team is a Professional, Eco-friendly, Adventure, Trekking, Peak Climbing & Mountaineering Expedition company owned and operated by local Adventurers, Trekkers & Climbing Expedition experts. With our experience of handling Adventure enthusiasts for more than a decade, we can ensure that all our esteemed and valued guests have the finest and most secure adventure travel experience.

Only those who choose to trek or join a peak climbing and or mountaineering expedition can fully appreciate Nepal’s unrivalled combination of natural beauty, cultural diversity and towering peaks. trekkers and expedition members heading to the amazing, pristine trails and high mountains of Nepal with Friends Adventure Team will enjoy the ultimate dream for adventure travel enthusiasts. It is that once-in-a-lifetime trip, or twice, or …

Come and explore the pristine trails and the sensational Himalayan range, join the peak climbing & mountaineering expedition to the towering high mountains backed up by the dynamic, dedicated and knowledgeable, top Nepalese adventure trekking & peak climbing expedition team.

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Mobile No.+977 9851027397
Opening daysSun-Fri


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