Gajur Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing and export based organization established with the aim of promoting, preserving and extending the historical and traditional heritage of the Nepalese handicrafts all over the world. It is formulated by the vision of promoting Nepalese handmade products in the overseas market as well as preserving Nepal’s rich artistic skill and craft techniques.

The company offers different range of exclusive product lines, produced by highly skilled workers in an environment friendly way. We assure you that Gajur do not employee any child labors and strongly condemn such activities. Hence the sources we use are 100% free of child labor.

The company has a well-known infrastructure. Our manufacturing units are located in different areas, providing work for more than 200 producers group regularly. The company has engaged traditional and highly qualified artisans. The artisans are working very hard round the clock to develop our regular products as well as new designs with various kinds of customers’ custom requirements. Custom designs are always possible and encouraged to implement on our products as we believe that designs are based on the imagination.

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Fax No.977-1-4261253
Opening daysSun-Fri


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