Vishal Group today is a solidly established business house with a broad range of products and services that has built up an enviable record of performance and reliability. In the last five decades of operation, the Group has scaled new heights, overcoming stiff competition time and again. Strategic vision, combined with the business acumen of the management has placed Vishal Group among the top names of the country.

Over 1600 employees of the Group are committed to the core values of the Group, and are committed to excellence in all areas of the Group’s activities. The Group concentrates on satisfying the needs and requests of customers. It is in the policy of the Group to manufacture goods and provide services that meet, or even surpass, the requirements and expectations of customers.

It is for this reason that the Group enjoys an impeccable reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and customer services. The Group has a sound financial base that can be attested by all the major banks of the country. With its financial strength and current business interests, the Group is well poised for tremendous growth in the years ahead.

The Group today encompasses business in various operating segments that oversee a wide range of products and services. Each of Vishal Group’s businesses has been meticulously designed so as to form one single integrated whole.

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