GEMS (Graded English Medium School) has always been at the forefront of education in Nepal. Our students have gone forth, and excelled in various fields nationally and internationally. This has been made possible with the blessings of our elders, visionary members of the school managing committee, supportive parents and dedicated staff, who have relentlessly strived to impart quality education.

Since its inception, our focus has always been to impart quality education blended with a sense of discipline and set of moral values. We provide students with all possible support and guidance needed, which we earnestly take as our core responsibility. The achievement of prestigious awards i.e. ‘Birendra Education National Shield’ three times (2059, 2060 and 2067 B.S) and ‘Birendra Education Regional Shield’ two times (2064 and 2068 B. S.) by the Ministry of Education (MOE) bears testimony to our commitment towards quality education. Probably, we are the first and only school to receive such prestigious awards many a time in the private education sector at the secondary level.

In an attempt to improve quality of education, and respond to the needs of parents and society, we introduced a child-centred approach to teaching and learning at the primary level in 2067 B. S., which has become successful in terms of the overall development of a child. We will implement this approach in higher classes (up to grade six) in the years to come.

We have infrastructure of an international standard supported by state-of-the-art facilities, and a team of professionals to nurture the creative minds of students. We reiterate our commitment to provide every facility possible and all the necessary guidance to ensure the quality education every student deserves in today’s globalized world.

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