Green Mansions lies on the edge of the Community Forest Reserve, overlooking the tall green mansions of the jungle’s tropical trees. Constructed on the lines of a tribal village, it blends in and ‘disappears’ into the natural backdrop of Nepals’s southern Terai Belt.Guestrooms are housed in two 6-room and four 2-room blocks, each room with its own private verandah and ensuite toilet. The large central building houses the Dining room, Bar and Reading Corner, the walls of which have painted scenes of a deer tropical forest. A cooling pool filled with lotus and water lily and stocked with fish(to keep the mosquito larvae at bay!) surrounds the building.

Everywhere, walls are treated with clay, decorated by local Tharu womenfolk. All fabrics used have been specially designed and woven in Nepal and as far as possible, we’ve tried to use as much native material to convey local colour. Garden A porticoed pavillion standing amidst gardens, houses a bar and services the open-air barbeque near by.Tropical gardens bloom and fruit throughout the are- orchards of mango, guava, banana; vegetable patches of beans, tomatoes, salad greens, cabbages that supply the kitchens; the vibrant colour of tropical blooms-bougainvillea, canna, daisies, sunflowers.

The accent is on relaxation:flip through a magazine, curl up with a book, take a ride in our bullock cart to explore the nearby village. With the jungles of the National Park and Community Forest Reserves so near, we offer the traditional elephant safari, birdwatching hikes, dugout canoe on the river. But don’t miss asking our naturalist to show you the crocodiles basking in the morning sun on the banks of the nearby Buri Rapti rivulet!!

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