The Himalayan Cashmere Company was founded in 1995 in Kathmandu to preserve a vanishing tradition of hand craftsmanship that was once handed over in Nepal from generation to generation, dating back to the ancient times: weaving textiles and fabric. Beginning as a small manufacturing unit with skilled local artesano weavers, Himalayan Cashmere Company specializes in weaving with cashmere from Mongolian and Chinese mountain goat herds, handspun on the premises with traditional spinning wheels. On all wooden handlooms the craftsmen create a broad variety of traditional and modern patterns: From masterly embroidered throws to elegantly printed shawls that are produced with handmade printing frames, Himalayan also continues a rare local luxury tradition, the genuine Dhaka – a hand woven fabric that takes one masters work up to twelve days or longer. Blankets, throws and cushions extend the range to home accessories, on top of exquisite hand knitted sweaters or woven lounge wear and robes.

With two collections (Summer & Winter) of new products a year shown at the Paris Salon Premiere Class in Jardin de Tuileries in March and October, you will find Himalayan Cashmere Company sold worldwide in high-end boutiques and department stores from Russia and Japan to Europe and the USA.

Head designer and founder of the Company is Susan Snyder, an American who was trained at Detroit Institute of Arts and Cooper Union in New York. She used to run the Press Office of Italian Fashion Brand Romeo Gigli in New York before following a vocation to do handcraft and moving to Kathmandu to start the Himalayan Cashmere Company as one of the pioneers within the Pashmina Boom.

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