ndrachowk Saving and credit co-operative limited established under the government aim 2048, is a financial institution permitted to carry out financial transaction .The initial concept of establishing a truly inclusive INDRACHOWK CO-OPERATIVE was by a group of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. These individuals who initially help to establish this institution were propelled by their good vision of continuing the financial institution that would provide the best service to all individuals Nepalese, throughout the nation. The head office of which is situated at Indrachowk, Wotu Marg, Kathmandu.

“Let us share the joy of growing together” service

To be a real leading co-operative, providing a best service through the technology and management team, to achive a financial growth and profitability to all our shareholders.

We all are committed to provide a excellence service and quality work to all our customers, shareholders and staff for creating, building and strengthening relationship of mutual benefit. We wish to gain customer confidence and be their trusted partner. We treat our customers with honesty, Fairness and respect. Our commitment has always towards the improvement of quality of our Nepalese citizen.

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