Established on December 15, 2002, is the first Nepali news website to use Unicode so that Nepalese readers did not

have to download Nepali font to read the news in Nepali. Because of this reason, set a milestone and immediately became one of the most popular websites.’s compelling news content and “balanced and credible” reputation of its already established publications attract loyal Nepalese visitors from the US to UAE, from Nepal to Nigeria, from Australia to Austria -basically from all over the world. Our average number of visitors is 54,000 per day. gets the most visits from Nepalese readers who are temporarily residing in Gulf countries and South East Asia. constantly breaks news and brings updated top stories from Nepal. An Online venture of Kamana News Publications Private Limited

(Kamana – Entertainment magazine, Sadhana – Health and Beauty magazine, Mahanagar – Evening Daily newspaper, Nepal Samacharpatra – National Daily Newspaper), contains a wide range of news from different segments.

Nepal Samachar Patra

Balanced and Credible Newspaper

The vernacular national daily was launched in 1995. The daily’s editorial strategy made such distinction for itself that it soon broke into the bastion of other national dailies, harnessing a large portion of these readers, who today make neraly 50% of Nepal Samacharpatra’s regular readers.

The daily, beyond a high standard in reporting and news analysis has also set a benchmark in quality printing that has added to intense product satisfaction for the readers. Continuing with its policy to provide value addition, the daily now has also introduced interactive reader intersts weekly features and colour supplements, addressing bvital readers aspirations and consolidation a wider bond with the readership..

Nepal Samcharpatra is its stride has effectivedly positioned itself as the second most read newspaper in Nepal with a larger representation in the upper economic groups. These are the people who are influenced by the value brands and services. They judge for themselves the relevance of various commodities in shaping a good living. They make the biggest buyer segment with a high disposable income to support a cross-section of merchandise. And they certainly make the prized target for every brand!
nepal samacharpatra

Entertainment Magazine

kamana, the largest exported magazine from Nepal, is the entertianment encyclopedia of Nepal. Perhaps the biggest success amont the Group’s publication, Kamana is the most popular entertainment monthly that carries its readers with an unbreakable emotional attachment issue after issue. It is primarily a film magazine that also reflects on contemporary and past traits in music, fashion, arts, culture and theater. The focus on film however creates the massive niche audience which supports all Nepali entertainment publications and programs.Kamana has its social contribution adequately reflected in the encouragement and advancement of the film industry tha has benefited professionally by Kamana’s objective reviews, features and focus on emerging talents and outstanding perforemance.


Health and Beauty Magazine

Sadhana health and beauty is the largest selling Nepali monthly magazine. The official magazine of Beauty Club Nepal and Swandarya Kala Byawasayi Sangh Nepal, Sadhana regularly covers articles on men’s health, women’s health, weight loss, beauty, fitness, yoga, nutrition, sex and relationship. The cutting edge of the publication is in its investigative reporting. In fact since its inception it has been always acclaimend for its daring investigated stories on social issues, many of which voiced the plight of the public and compelled the administration to take corrective actions. Sadhana has certainly lived up to its objecctives in every manner and attacched greater purpose to responsible journalism for some other publication to follow. The monthly continues to address the aspirations of the readers with its mass appeal. With new outlook and redesigned format, Sadhana is the only magazine vatering doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, patients and health conscious people in urban and sub urban areas of Nepal.

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