A history of forty-five years of devotion to nation Kanti Children’s Hospital (KCH) was established in the year 1963 AD as a general hospital. It was converted into Kanti Children’s Hospital in the year 1970. This hospital was founded under former Soviet aid. Also in the year 1970, 100 beds were added. It is now a 300-bed hospital and it is planned to upgrade into 500-bed hospital in the near future. Civil construction work for additional 200 beds is near completion. KCH is managed by Kanti Children’s Hospital Development Board (Board), which is an autonomous corporate body under the Ministry of Health (MOH), Government of Nepal (GON). Members of the board are drawn from civil society and hospital management itself. The Board is heavily depended on GON for human, material and financial resources. But plans are afoot toward making KCH an independent entity in the future when it achieves sustainability. KCH is the only children’s hospital of the nation. Poor patients receive free medical treatments at KCH. The Board has to abide by the GON guidelines to provide free medical treatments for poor patients coming from the outlying districts of Nepal. The policy of the Board is to upgrade the KCH facilities, add more manpower and technologies to better the quality of delivery of child health care to cater the growing demand of the day. Foreign assistance has been instrumental in the growth and development of KCH. During 1970-1998 KCH received aids from German-Nepal Assistance Association. A number of specialized visiting doctors from Britain brought expertise in the area of anesthesiology and surgery. Between 1986 and 1993, the Japan government became a significant donor and patron of KCH. In 1986, late Mr. Ryutaro Hasimoto, then prime minister of Japan procured a major Japanese Grant Aid which enabled to replace all the out of date equipment with the new ones. In 1993, second phase of Japanese grant benefited KCH in terms of buildings and other facilities. This grant aid improved surgical and medical departments of the hospital. Assistance of Hashimoto Foundation is still continuing. The Board expresses immense gratitude to all organizations and individuals who join us in the growth and development of KCH and wish that such cooperation be continued.

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