Kantipur has deep seated belief in democracy and freedom of press for the positive change in society. It is committed to provide true picture of news and analytical reviews to the Nepalese society. Being the market leader the organization has the added responsibility to affirm professionalism in disseminating true information.

The Publication house adopts latest Digital Printing Technology with three satellite printing stations accross three major cities in the country.

Kantipur values the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Company has a charitable trust which is provided a portion from the daily sales proceed to create a fund for the treatment of cancer patients. Bhaktapur cancer Hospital is the recipient of this fund. Some portions of the fund support other social activities as well.

First Nepali Media House to be the member of WAN (World Association of Newspapers).

One of the crucial moment in the history of Kantipur Publicaitons Pvt.Ltd. was June , 2001, when the Director, Managing Director and then Editor of Kantipur Daily were arrested by the government on the pretext of having printed allegedly one controversial article written by a leader of underground Maoist Political Party, following the Royal Massacre of 1st June 2001. The subsequent release and withdrawal of all the charges established a “landmark” for Nepali Press World. Hence it made Kantipur a pioneer in advocating and establishing the role of Free Press in Nepal.

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– Kantipur Saptahik
– Kantipur Nari
– Kantipur Nepal

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