Kwiks Cheeseballs, which was launched in 1987, has completed 25 years of production. Issuing a press statement on Monday, Chaudhary Group said Kwiks Cheeseballs has seen a whole new generation grow up with its unique taste and even today a whole new generation continues to do the same of which licking their fingers after finishing a pack is the most enjoyable part.

“Made from real cheddar cheese, Kwiks Cheeseballs retains the original taste and continues to win against all competition,” said the statement. “Whether young or old, college student or office executive, working woman or a housewife, it has a universal appeal across all age groups.” To celebrate 25th anniversary of Kwiks Cheeseballs, Chaudhary Group has launched a celebration campaign with the slogan ┬┤Making people lick their fingers for the last 25 years┬┤.

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