The preliminary estimate has shown that about 42,000 MW of hydroelectricity could be generated in Nepal which is feasible techno-economically. Such huge potential of hydroelectricity is due to the perennial rivers flowing from north to south of the country with favorable topographical terrain for the generation of hydroelectric projects. However, in reality, only one and a half percent of this potential has been harnessed to date. As of January 2010, the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) has a total installed capacity of about 690 MW. However, country’s overall power supply during dry season is around 325 MW including 50 MW from thermal plants and power imported from India; which is still insufficient to fulfill the country’s peak power demand of approximately 800 MW, leading to acute power shortage. Consequently, the country is facing load-shedding up to hundred hours per week. Hence; country need to construct new hydropower project rapidly.

Liberty Energy Hydropower Private Limited has been established in 2066 BS with the sole aim of harnessing hydropower potential of the country in order to contribute for the development of the country. This company has been promoted by national level leading businessmen, hydropower developers and hydropower professionals. The company is promoting Upper Dordi ‘A’ Hydroelectric Project, 25 MW; located in Lamjung district of Gandaki Zone.

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