Lucky Group comprises of numerous industries, trading and wholesale outlets of various products on sole agency dealership as a motto to commit and bring the notion of brand building to a whole new platform. Fueled by our directors’ uncompromising vision to provide quality services, the group today has the ability to shoot brands and companies into the top spectrum of their respective markets. Every industry, trading and service outlets are a major industry player if not the industry leader. Our presence in the market is phenomenal in the products that we have marketed.

Started in the early 80’s, with importing and trading common household items and power tools from around the world, the group has over the years slowly diversified into industrial, and service sector industries such as banks, insurance companies with continuous focus on further development of importing and trading household items in Nepal. Our dedicated sales and marketing team spear-headed by the young generation of executives are our “success strips” and the driving force to boost productivity.

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