MAITRI SCHOOL, established in 1985 by N.B. Bajracharya as a Residential High School. The school was formerly known as Maitri Sishu Vidyalalya and was a primary school till 1999. The school was upgraded to High school in the year 2000. The school regards education as a process by which a student is moulded into an emotionally balances, physically healthy, intellectually objective and spiritually conscious individual who can fruitfully and happily live together with other members of the society. The school seeks to make its students aware of their concern and responsibility through a well-designed program. It endeavor to create an environment in which students are positively influenced in the early stages of their development and level an effect upon their character that persists for the whole course of their life. Maitri School has always held the belief that academic qualification alone do not make an individual truly educated.

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