The seed planted by the Bank’s Promoters in their initial deliberations is today the core of Mega Bank’s Vision – to be the banker to every Nepali, delivering five star quality services to all its customers. Our Vision is who we want to be, and everything we have done to date, and everything we will do as we build the Bank going forward will be centered around ensuring Mega Bank works towards becoming the ‘Banker of every Nepali from Plough to Power – Halo to Hydro’.

In order to move towards the realization of our Vision, which enlightens us on ‘Who we want to be’, we have articulated a statement of Mission to clearly state ‘Where we want to be’. Our Mega Mission is to consistently deliver ‘Service Excellence to Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships’ with all our stakeholders.

Each and every member of the Mega Team is committed to delivering service excellence and working towards providing five star quality banking to Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Community, and Staff, creating, building and strengthening relationships of mutual benefit. In order to achieve our Mission all of us are committed to our Mega Values of being Service Centric, Transformational, Action Oriented, Result Focused, Synergistic, everyday in everything we do. The acronym of our Values is S.T.A.R.S. reflecting our commitment to the Mega Service culture.

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