Human being, animal species , plants , nature and other physical matters are directly influenced by environment . Environment faces various negative impacts due to the human activities such as new constructions in course of fulfilling their needs .Prime goal of sustainable development is to handover clean earth to next generation by the generation of today’. In this sense , every dimension of human activities is related to environment . Hence , Ministry of Population and Environment is established as an executive body in 2052 BS ,with the purpose of environmental conservation , pollution prevention and control and conservation of national heritage as well as the effective implementation of commitments expressed in regional and international levels . Dismantling the then Ministry for Population and Environment in 2061 BS , Division of Environment was included to Ministry of Science and Technology and renamed as Ministry for Environment , Science and Technology. Ministry of Environment is formed in 2066 B.S. after Regulation of Government of Nepal ( Work Division second ammendment ). 2066 The Council Of Minister approved organizational setup of Ministry with the total manpower of 69. Main Aims of the Ministry are as follows: >> To promote the sustainable development of country through environmental protection. >> To conserve the natural environment and cultural heritage. >> To create the clean and Healthy environment through conserving the life- support elements ( air ,water , soil). >> To help to attain the goal of poverty alleviation through environment related research activities. >> To encourage the involvement of intellectuals creating oppurtunities so as to contribute to environment protection and promotion. >> To coordinate the adaptation and mitigation programs in order to minimize the negative impacts of climate change.

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