Establishment Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare, 2038 BS Ministry of Labour, 2052 BS Ministry of Labour & Transport Management, 2057 BS Objectives and Long Term vision of Ministry Development of Pure Industrial Relationship Ending Unemployment and Development of Productive and Qualitative Employment System Child Labour Alleviation Development of Safety, Managed and help based transportation system Responsibilities of Ministry Listed Below duties and responsibilities of Ministry in accordance Government of Nepal (Work Partition) Regulation, 2057 1. Labour policy and Work completion 2. Study, investigation, data collection and verification of labour power and labour market. 3. Contact and relationship development of labour with national and international chambers and corporations 4. Relationship between Labour and management. 5. Help Employee and Labour supply. 6. Foreign Employments 7. Promotion, supply and organize vocational trainings 8. Training on child, women and disabled labours. 9. Trade unions 10. For social safety of Labour 11. Permission for Foreign Employees 12. Labour Administration and Management. 13. Bonus 14. Manage, organize Transportation (Air transport not included) Policies and Planning, Regulations and Work completions. 15. Manage, organize Transportation (Air transport not included) with other chambers and corporation 16. Relationship between Transportation (Air transport not included) with other related and managed international corporations

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