Nepal has its long history on land management sector from Vaidic period. The land is taken as the main property of the state in Vedas, Manusmriti, Mahabharat and Kautilya’s economics. The fact the state would collect a fixed amount of revenue depicts that the land administration was controlled by the state in the past time as well.The practice of land revenue collection, maintainance of land records, distribution of collected amount to the employees and using the rest amount for the state affairs had begun many years ago. In Lichchhabi rule, the land administration was regulated by Gaun Panchali. The Malla rule introduced the system of purchase of land, land survey and land classification on the basis of productivity. Ram Shah, the king of Gurkha Kingdom, started land record maintainance system by dividing the land type into various units like hale, kodale, mato muri, bijan, mana etc.The land survey was started in 1930 B.S.

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