Ministry of Local Development is one of the ministries of the government with widespread network up to grass-root level (VDCs and Municipalities). As per the main guiding policy (Geeta) of local development, Local Self Governance Act, 1999, this ministry has been placed at the apex of three tier structural framework and accredited with the role of coordination, cooperation, facilitation and monitoring and evaluation of activities undertaken by local bodies (75 District Development Committees, 58 Municipalities and 3915 Village Development Committees). Being the focal organization for local development, it has to coordinate, cooperate, facilitate and synergize the initiatives taken by different development partners. Taking the very fact that until and unless the pace of local development is accelerated, overall development of the nation is impossible, ministry has adopted participatory development approach and promoted social inclusion, capacity building of indigenous, dalit, marginalized and oppressed community at local level for ensuring sustainable, balanced and broad-based development based on equity and social justice.

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