The History of the Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction is traced back to the different initiations made by the then government for the management of the peace process. At the very time, the government felt the need of institutionalized efforts for peace negotiation between the government and Maoist begun in 2001 in order to provide technical, physical and other necessary assistance to the peace building process. In this regard, the then Council of Ministers formed a task force in February 2003 to recommend the necessary arrangement to meet the need after assessment. The task force recommended constituting aPeace Coordination and Management Center for meeting the purpose. On the base of this recommendation, the government established the Peace Negotiation Coordination Secretariat under the office of Prime Minister in June 2003. The Secretariat which had got a 6-point TOR engaged in a three-phase peace negotiation process. Unfortunately, this effort of peace settlement could not succeed.

The failure of this peace negotiation process taught the lesson of a need of establishing a common political agenda for the success in the process of peace settlement. Therefore, a High Level Peace Committee under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister was formed in August 2004, and the Secretariat of the High Level Peace Committee, under the leadership of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal, was established in September 2004, later, in march2005, the government dissolved the High Level Peace Committee. But the Secretariat remained function at with a new name “The Peace Secretariat “since October 2005.

As per the decision of April 1 2007 of the Government of Nepal the existing Peace secretariat has been dissolved and the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction has been established with the mandate to accomplish all the functions assigned to the Peace Secretariat and other additional functions relating to reconstruction of physical infrastructure damaged during the conflict, relief and rehabilitation of the conflict victims, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, High Level Monitoring Committee and Management of the Maoist combatants cantonments.

The Ministry has envisioned formation of a peaceful, prosperous and new Nepal by ensuring social justice, equity and harmony among all sections of the society.

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