The Mission Development Bank Limited is established under the Bank & Financial Institution Act, 2063 as a regional level development bank “B” Class. Its head office is located at the trading hub of Nepal, Butwal. The bank thus, is dedicated in performing its banking activities and services for the prosperity of the people in the region and ultimately the nation. The bank has come up with new financial instruments and provides modern banking services, efficient customer services and wide coverage of banking activities within the urban and rural areas in the proposed districts. Operations of the bank including day-to-day operations and risk management are managed by highly qualified and experienced management team. Bank is fully equipped with modern technology which includes ATMs, debit cards, sms banking, with world-renowned software from trust bank Technologies System, Nagpur, India. The promoters have come from different professional background with an excellent personal ability, sound academic qualification, and an adequate exposure in the related field with high social profile in the country such as banking, business, trading houses, industries, government service, university professors etc.

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Fax No.+977-017-551585
Opening daysSun-Fri


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