It is an inevitable fact that those Nepalese citizens who were recruited in army service in different countries like Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaya and Singapore or pensioners from those services are always a source of national income. But after retirement despite of their support to country their investments and labor is not evaluated and used properly. This is a bitter truth that their investments and labor have not been used by the government for their own welfare and are being wasted without any grief.
Since the government is not able to use up their skills and investment for their own betterment they regret being a part of their nation and are indebted by the woes of Nepalese society. This have affected not only to their social life but their family life where their coming up generations is not able to achieve a better and secured life.
Keeping all these things into consideration and with of aim of utilizing their money properly in this society for their own welfare and self independence Miteri Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. was established on the eve of new year 2057 BS under the co-operative act 2048 BS.
This organization has aimed to utilize the funds of those ex-servicemen into proper place for the welfare of their family society and more importantly to make them participate in the creative works for betterment of their life.

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