It’s a well known saying, “Music is a medicine/remedy for all.” To understand this fact deeper requires the love, the whole mind, body and soul together for the music and that’s what we all team members in Namaste Entertainment have. So, with the whole team of music lovers we are determined and committed to provide a genuine music entertainment program for good cause like we extend our modest support to orphanages, old homes, and needy people in one way or another from every program we organize. We make sure that the real message or company slogan that our clients, sponsors may have, are relayed to our audiences in a well co-coordinated manner. The untiring efforts of all the team members behind the scene, the trust of the clients/sponsors in us and love of all the audiences for us are the only driving force in making each and every program we organize, a success.

Our main target audiences are all the Nepalese brothers and sisters living all over the world. Every individual who lands in foreign countries to earn and support their family back home tries to get engrossed in work in vain hope of comforting themselves of the pity feeling being staying away from family and friends. So, Namaste Entertainment aims in giving a hope at least for a while by offering an opportunity in making them feel at home and at the same time making a platform where they can meet their fellow friends working next door. So, with music and entertainment program we bring to them we convey good message, create friendly get-together environment and make them feel at home.

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