The National Cooperative Federation of Nepal (NCF/N) established in June 20, 1993 under the Co-operative Act, 1992 is an apex body of the cooperative movement of all types and levels of cooperatives organized on the basis of universally accepted cooperative values and principles. As the national apex body of cooperatives of all types and levels, it on behalf of them represents in government, national and international forum.
NCF/N represents around 23,000 cooperatives operating throughout the country. Approximately 3 million individual members are involved in the different types of co-operatives for their economic, social and cultural development various activities.
NCF/N is a member of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), Geneva. It is also affiliated with the Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives (NEDAC), Thailand.

Vision of NCF/N is to promote and establish such Nepalese civil society where the Democracy, Equality, Solidarity, Social justice, Caring for other and Gender-Balanced sustainable development will be followed by the cooperatives.

Mission of NCF/N is to unite, lead, represent and serve members for their economic, social and cultural empowerment through their cooperatives at all levels.

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