Nepal Bayern Electric (NBE) located in Kathmandu, Nepal is an electronic component manufacturing company specialised in making small transformers requiring high labour content. NBE was established in 1993 in a veritable garage and two floors above it.

Today NBE is housed in a 5000 m2 (ca. 54,000 ft2 ) climate controlled modern facility. The factory has perhaps the best working environment in the country with safety and environment issues being addressed according to international standards. The company is ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 14001-2004 certified. It was the first company in Nepal to receive the ISO 14001 environment certification.

NBE is specialised in contract manufacturing. It has been assisting its customers in the design stage with various inputs in PQS (Production Qualifying System) and pre­production samples. It is a solely customer driven contractor: what the customers ask it to do, it does it in the quickest possible time and in the lowest cost possible.

NBE is engaged mostly in making high frequency (up to 3 Ghz) balun transformers that are very labour intensive and which are entirely exported to Europe and North America.

Since 1999 it has been also been supplying baluns transformers to automotive OEMs in Germany making communication multi media box in high end automobiles.
All its operators are girls. With characteristic small dexterous and nimble Nepali hands, the girls are extremely good in hand wound products. To oversee production engineers and supervisors who have graduated from good technical universities in India and overseas are engaged in the company. We have extremely low employee attrition with many of our workers and engineers being with us for over 10 years. As a result our workers are very versatile and have good and wide experience with the sort of work that we do.

NBE also has experience in the manufacture of hand wound toroidal transformers, various series of machine wound RM transformers and E core type transformers, splitters and filters for its customers. It has good level of expertise in hand and machine winding of small and precise pieces in SMD techniques.
For its automotive clients NBE developed an automatic measuring machine that automatically measures balun transformers and their insertion losses from 5MHz -3GHz. The machine can separate 5 different characteristics of pieces and pack the perfect pieces in blister reels. The effect on quality is so high that it has exported more than 25.6 million units with no complaint of break down at automotive customer’s lines.

Starting in 2005 and working with some of our customers we have developed processes for winding directly on cores in PCBs without substrates and also inserting other components on the board with pick and place machines. With this development we expect our customers to be more competitive and get a larger share of the market. For us moving up the food chain to satisfy our customer and help them get greater market share is a source of considerable satisfaction.
For our client we developed a fully robotised automatic testing machine which was fully functional from January 2006 and working 24/7 from mid August 2006 and more than 2 milllion pieces of pcbs have been tested on it.

NBE offers low cost of production while maintaining high quality of product. It has bonded warehouse approval from the government which allows us to make duty free imports of raw materials.

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