1. About Ad & Event Management Nepal
Ad & Event Management Nepal is a private company established at 2007. The Main objective of this company is to emphasize every business solution. It will organize trade event in national or international level, facilitates the business companies to promote their business.
To contribute in nation building by expanding national production through effective marketization
Counseling on industry, commerce & trade expansion.
Organizing trade fair, exhibitions of national & international scale.
Marketization through effective & efficient advertising.
Participation of private sector in social development.
To facilitate the producers and exporters of quality goods produced in Nepal in market management, trade expansion and promotion by organizing training & orientation.
To promote Nepalese trade by organizing exhibitions of national and international scale focusing on Nepalese agricultural & non – agricultural products, handicrafts, herbal products & arts.
To organize various competitions and other programs to enhance Nepalese culture, education, sports & health.
To organize seminars and exhibitions in co-ordination with various international organizations with the purchase of trade promotion and attraction of FDI.
To actively participate in social development in partnership with NGOs & GOs.
Nepal is rich in its natural beauties, cultural heritage, natural resources and production of agricultural & non-agricultural e.g. tea, coffee, herbal, handicrafts etc. It has lot potentialities to develop /commercialized introducing all over the world. We have many opportunities to explore our products. As a micro investment on organic farming can change the life of villagers, a macro investment on hydro-electric project can change the nation. It is possible to invest small to large scale at any sector through secured way.
The grand exhibition Nepal Festival – 2008, USA will explore more our products, tourism, culture and investment opportunities. Some of objectives are as follows:

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