On October 14,1979 (Kartik 28, 2036 B.S.) a group of 39 Nepalese geologists and mining engineers gathered in the auditorium of the Department of Mines and Geology, Kathmandu to discuss about the establishment of a geological society in Nepal. Finally they emerged with the unanimous decision to establish the Nepal Geological Society (NGS). The Society was formally registered with the then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal on April 15,1980 (Baisakh 2, 2037 B.S.).

The Society has its office in Kathmandu, Nepal with an office located in the premises of the Department of Mines and Geology, Lainchaur. Presently, the Society has over 440 members encompassing almost all the geoscientists of Nepal as well as many geoscientists of other countries who are actively engaged or interested in the geological research of Himalaya-Tibet region. In this regard the Nepal Geological Society is more than just a national society. It has over one third of its members from this region and overseas.

The society is also gradually fulfilling a role of a regional geoscientific organization. It is hoped that the Society may be able to help to develop a better networking of the scientists of this region and overseas and foster an atmosphere for a more effective regional and international scientific cooperation in the field of researches in the Himalayan earth sciences.

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