NepalLife, established under the Company Act 2053 and Insurance Act 2049 as a public limited company on 2058/01/21 (04/05/2001). NepalLife is the foremost life insurance company established by private investors. The promoters of the company are a group of well known businessmen and business houses of Nepal. Within the eleven years of operation the Company has set up an excellent business record and has a strong financial position.

The company has an authorized capital of Rs. 100 Crore. Issued Capital of Rs 50 Crore and Paid-up Capital of Rs 63 Crore. As on Jestha 2069 the company has insured 5,16,220 under conventional policies worth Rs. 6016 Crore and 4,91,257 Foreign Expatriate policies worth Rs. 2456 Crore. Out of the total premium collected the company has invested Rs. 1312 Crore as per guidelines of Bima Samiti. The company has insured itself with well-know reinsurance company “Hannover Re Life Reinsurance Company”, Germany for conventional policies and “SCOR Global Life”, France for Term Assurance Foreign Expatriate policies.

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