Development of free press in the country is the prime concern of Nepal Press Institute (NPI). Its establishment more than 20 years ago was guided by the objective of providing professional services to the media industry in Nepal.

The Institute champions the cause of independent and pluralistic press. The Institute believes that independence and pluralism are preconditions for professional excellence and ethical standards of the media.

In its two-decade-long history, the Institute has established itself as a center of excellence for providing well-focused training and other facilities to all avenues of the Nepalese media industry. Apart from its services to the media, NPI also provides consultation services to the government and non-government organisations as and where feasible.

Side by side with its support to the media, the Institute sensitizes journalists and others on topical issues of social importance such as promotion of human rights and good governance, conflict mitigation, empowerment of women, Dalits and ethnic minority and giving voices to the marginalized communities, among others.

NPI is an independent and non-profit institution registered at the Kathmandu District Office as a social service oriented non-governmental organization. It is also registered with the Ministry of Education as a training and research institution. It has close working relationship with regional and national media organizations involved in the development of mass communication.

NPI is a membership-based organisation, which supports itself mainly from the fees accrued from services, membership charges, grants and donations. It does not, however, receive any grant or subsidy from the government.

The NPI central office is located in Kathmandu. It maintains three Regional Media Resource Centers in Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and Butwal. The Biratnagar and Nepalgunj centers were established in 1995 while the Butwal center was established in 2003 with the support of DANIDA– under the decentralization of media facilities scheme launched by the Nepal Press Institute.

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