Health is the greatest treasure. In this well known dictum lies the irrefutable truth that health is one of the greatest blessings we can possess. It is necessary in every stage of life. All human beings desire to live comfortably with all their vital needs satisfied such as food, housing, clothing, self realisation and the like. Yet all these things become accessible if one has good health.

Modern medicine has managed to cure many illnesses in modern times in the same way, Reiki can also cure many of these illnesses. Some cases where medicine has failed to find a cure can be healed through Reiki treatments. Even though it is a very ancient method, Reiki has earned a great popularity in many countries and is now being used across the globe.

Anyone can take a bath in the holy river Ganga and in the same way, anyone of any religion or any community can learn or receive Reiki. It is like a highway that is open to all. In this way, everyone has an equal right to access a natural source of knowledge.

May the eternal & infinite Light of Reiki shine over us for ever.

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