Basically most of the handicraft in nepal is the traditional work of the newar cast , that has been working from the generation and we are the newar and doing this traditional work for our grand father time.Our grandfather has been involved in making different kind of world heritage site of nepal like patan, kathmandu, bhaktapur durbar square etc. So we have continue this work and established Newa Handicraft Ptv Ltd in other to promote the handicraft of nepal globlely.

We are J.K group of family making this handicraft and have very skill carvinist involved in this traditional work that manufacture different kind of handicraft .We also have given traning to different nepali and foreigner about the manufacturing the handicraft of nepal and we are also giving free training to learn the skill and to make the different kind of handicraft themselves and have been exporting the handicraft to different place of european, american and asia countries.

We work to offer the most competitive wholesale prices in Nepal, where we have an in-depth knowledge of the national market. Based in Kathmandu, we are ideally located to obtain the lowest possible prices and the highest quality goods for our clients. We manufacture most of the handcrafted items made with metal and wood, our company always succeed in obtaining the most reasonable & favorable prices for quality products and pass those savings on to you. We also save your time, effort and money due to our long experience. All of the products are checked for quality. We deliver only those products passing our quality standards. We can manufacture customized products according to your concepts, designs if you provide us with sketches, photographs, digital pictures or samples. We can be your reliable and trustworthy Manufacturers and suppliers of Nepal.

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