NLIC CITY CENTRE epitomizes a world within a Himalayan Capital City. A world that lends the rhythm of enterprise to business, the harmony of contentment to leisure, the splendor of variety to shopping, the symphony of taste to food and the beat of fun to entertainment, all encapsulated in one complex.
Nepal’s first integrated family centre is located in the very heart of Kathmandu. This edifice comprising 5 levels and roofed by a terrace restaurant is poised to bring music into the lives of local residents as well as tourists, making for a highly pleasurable experience.
NLIC CENTRE, the pulse of Kathmandu has something for everybody and beckons you to be part of the excitement.
The nerve-centre of the heaven on earth; Kathmandu is nestled in a valley and symbolizes the perfect amalgamation of a rich cultural heritage and cosmopolitan modernity. It has everything that can make for an enriching and enjoyable experience; from famous sites, ancient temples, golden pagodas and inspiring deities to luxurious 5-star hotels, bars and casinos.
Not to forget the mesmerizing appeal of its Himalayan landscape, its warm and hospitable people and a mouth watering cuisine that is as unique as the region.
NLIC CENTRE takes pride in adding greater value and appeal to this happening city.

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Opening daysSun-Fri


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