Group of Companies started in 1993 AD
Main Company
Pancharatna Feed Pvt. Ltd.
Pancharatna Hatchery Pvt. Ltd.

Demand driven production system .

Negligible support from govt, major players are private sector.

Day old chicks, feed and egg production is in competitive stage but at high risk.

Quality and efficient production system is not fully adopted.

Industries of backward linkages (Ingredient production and processing, equipments, medicines and vaccines, packing materials, GP operations etcs ) are highly potential but neglected.

Industries of forward linkages ( Meat processing, value addition, Manure processing and bio gas production) are in primitive stage.

Lacking in national policy support.

All these characters resulted to less efficient and higher production cost.

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  1. i plan for poultry equipment as auto battery cage system but no more experience so may i business with this coy and need help thanks more expect


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